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imagine the future,  change the world.

Imagine the visual realism of a surfing adventure on the open sea, right in your own living room.

With recent advances in inkjet technology, the range of designs applicable to furniture and building materials has expanded significantly. When wallpaper and flooring are livened up with photos of the sea, homeowners are able to conjure up the salt air and imagine the unique thrill of surfing waves on the open sea right in their own homes.

imagine Decorating

Introducing the era of lives adorned with unique flourishes inspired by our own imaginationschange

Ricoh has been perfecting its proprietary inkjet technology for more than 30 years. Originally developed for printing on paper, this technology is now being used to advantage not only in offices but also for industrial uses in a number of innovative applications.
Text and images can now be printed on a wide range of varied materials ranging from wood, glass, and plastic to textiles and even foods.
Delicate color gradations and fine patterns — long considered a challenge to produce with conventional printing technologies — can now be produced with beautiful results.
The range of designs now within reach continues to expand greatly, as even short print runs can be produced with high quality.
What’s more, those seeking to achieve total interior coordination with wallpaper, furniture, curtains and carpet can even use their favorite landscape photos as the inspiration for unprecedented interior effects.
Ricoh's inkjet technology has revolutionized interior decoration, taking us from an era when choices were limited to an age of unlimited potential for those who enjoy adorning their surroundings.

Products & Technologies
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Industrial Inkjets

To print on diverse materials with an inkjet printer — whether wood, glass, cloth or Food — requires the selection of ink that is appropriate to the purpose. Our industrial inkjet head is capable of producing stable print on a variety of materials because it is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of inks. Ricoh represents the zenith of inkjet printing technology, and the print heads and unique inks we have developed enable all of us to live authentic lives that reflect our true selves.

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Products in Development

Industrial Ink

Thanks to the development of inks that are compatible with post-printing molding or those combined with decorative elements, it’s now possible to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process while also maintaining an appealing finish.