Eco billboard in Sydney

We installed an eco billboard in Sydney in 2011.

The eco billboard is located in North Sydney, a commercial zone about three kilometers north of Sydney CBD, the main economic center in Australia.

North Sydney can be directly accessed from Sydney CBD by car or by rail via the Harbor Bridge or the Sydney Harbor Tunnel, and is accessed by a lot of businesspersons.

The eco billboard is lit 100% by solar power. For efficient power generation, solar panels are installed in the south side of the billboard, facing Sydney CBD.


Size of the billboard 7.8m(H) × 19.5m(W)
7.8m(H) × 8.58m(W)
Solar panels 96 panels
Output In January (when average sunshine hours are eight hours), the output amounts to 13,440 Wh and the billboards are lit for about eight hours.
CO2 emissions reduction Compared with the use of conventional energy for the above, CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 17 tons per year.*1
Location of the billboard 132 Arthur Street North Sydney Australia

*1 Calculated using the CO2 conversion factor of 0.378 kWh.
Based on the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s Guidelines for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Businesses (2003)

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