Eco billboard in New York

We at Ricoh have installed an eco billboard in New York in 2010. New York is a veritable forest of advertisements for global companies, but Ricoh is the only one to have its neon signs lit up with 100% of solar power generated from renewable energy. Although there are many billboards in Times Square that promote company names and products, the very existence of the Ricoh eco billboard, which is 100% powered by renewable energy, sends a message.
The sign uses LED bulbs, which have a lifespan of as much as 50,000 hours. That equates to at least 40 years of use, making this is a company advertisement with an extremely low environmental footprint in terms of resources as well as electricity.



Size of the billboard 126ft (H)  x 47ft (W) *1
Solar panels 96 panels
Thin-film solar modules 24 modules
Output If annual total output is 5,748.75 kWh, total output for one day is 15.75 kWh (12.32 kWh for solar panels, 3.43 kWh for thin film modules), enabling LED light illumination for approx. 3.9 hours.
CO2 emissions reduction Approx. 1.6 tons of CO2 emissions reduction based on 2013 results.*2
Location of the billboard 3 Times Square. New York,NY 10036 USA
(7th Avenue & 42nd St)

*1 Front sign space only (not including top solar panels part)
*2 Calculated based on CO2 emissions reduction according to plaNYC 2011 (347.96 g/1 kWh).

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