Eco billboard in London

Ricoh installed an eco billboard in the suburbs of London in 2011.

The billboard is located in an area between Heathrow Airport and Central London.

The eco billboard is powered by efficient wind and solar power generation systems and is equipped with an indicator showing how much electricity is remaining in the battery. The lighting method is changed depending upon the amount of the electricity remaining in the battery.



Size of the billboard 3m(H) x 12m(W) x 3.5m(D)
Solar panels 96 panels
Wind propellers 5 propellers
Output In January (based on the assumption that the average daylight hour is one hour and the wind velocity is 3 m/s)

5,178 Wh in total (2,618 Wh by solar power generation and 2,560 Wh by wind power)
Lighting hours: About 2.7 hours for full lighting (“RICOH” lit up in red) and about 4.7 hours for outline lighting (outline of “RICOH” lit up in white)

CO2 emissions reduction Compared with the use of conventional energy for the above, CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 1.7 tons per year.
Location of the billboard Capital Interchange Way,GreatWestRoadBrentford, Middlesex LondonTW8 0EXUnited Kingdom

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