What is an “eco billboard”?

Ricoh has launched many strategies to implement sustainable environmental management over the years. One of those strategies is to install "eco billboards", which are powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy, in major cities across the world, starting with Ginza in Tokyo.

Neon signs that use wind and sun energy to brighten streets

Eco billboards are lit up by 100% self-supplied electricity from wind turbines and solar panels on the billboard.
Ricoh placed this kind of large-scale, environmentally friendly billboard in cities throughout the world, including Osaka, Times Square in New York, London and Sydney (display in Osaka finished in May 2011 ; also finished in London in July 2015). In August 2014, the universally known and loved Ricoh billboard at the Ginza 4-chome crossing will be reborn as an eco billboard lit up by 100% self-generated electricity.

Spreading the word about environmental consideration rather than the company name

We have our reasons for establishing eco billboards that uses 100% renewable energy. We thought it is important to not just convey the company name to people on the street, but to have more people be aware of the importance of protecting the environment on a global scale. From those thoughts we established company advertisements that consider the environment.

Small changes in awareness can turn into large-scale progress

The effects of reducing energy consumption due to a single billboard might be small. But an eco billboard that embodies an eco-friendly message may generate significant momentum for change if it succeeds in raising awareness of global environmental issues – even just a little. We seek to proceed step-by-step with everyone towards the realization of a society that runs on sustainable resources.

Details of the Ricoh Group’s sustainable environmental management:

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