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Our Strengths

We transform customers' “work” with the power of people and digital technology.
Supporting this transformation are five strengths of the Ricoh Group.

Global sales and service network

With operations in approximately 200 countries and regions worldwide, 16,000 of our 80,000 global employees are IT-related professionals. We remain close to our 1.4 million customers through providing service and support structure for approximately 4 million office printing devices in operation globally.

Proprietary edge devices

We offer a wide variety of edge devices utilizing our proprietary technologies in optics, image processing, printing, and other areas. Combining them with application software and services to tailor solutions, we solve our customers' business issues and help them achieve value at their workplaces.

Collaboration with partners

We are co-creating with business partners familiar with various industries such as universities, research institutes, and other companies and are promoting efficient research and technology development for solving social issues and collaboration for new value creation. We collaborate with our partners and provide highly effective value tailored to solving our customers' problems.

Internal deployments

We use IT infrastructure and devices to enhance the functionality and quality of our products and services, and we also use our products and services internally for sales activities. One internal initiative is Digital Manufacturing (DM) at Ricoh Manufacturing (China) who is working on using data necessary for reforming manufacturing sites. The plant has introduced a wide range of digital technologies, including IoT technology, robotics, and automated equipment, to improve efficiency, resulting in an 11% reduction in indirect workforce and saving 4.5 billion yen per year. The know-how accumulated in-house, together with the results from introducing these technologies to our customers, has been invaluable.

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Ricoh Manufacturing (China) Ltd.

Digital professionals

Self-driven digital professionals will be pivotal to Ricoh's transformation into a digital services company. We are accordingly endeavoring to change mindsets and cultivate digital skillsets. All employees have embraced the Ricoh Way, adopting new work practices that harness digital technology in pursuit of customer success. We strive to cultivate self-driven people who take ownership of their work. A commitment to Ricoh Way underpins our culture of self-directed people and is an important element of our new evaluation system. Our digital professionals include digital experts who help create customer value, and business integrators.

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Transform Group employee mindsets and corporate culture and cultivate digital professionals