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Corporate Value

The Ricoh Group is always working to provide new value to stakeholders through corporate activities and to be a constructive part of solutions to issues that concern customers and society as a whole. As a group, we will strive to achieve continuous business growth and raise corporate value ever higher.

To us, at Ricoh, corporate value means responding to the various expectations of stakeholders and delivering value that extends to all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees and society at large, and by raising value for each stakeholder we ultimately raise corporate value as well. To boost corporate value, we undertake activities in accordance with management strategies based on core value perceptions and structures. A key element in the equation is Ricoh Way, which establishes the value perceptions that form the foundation for all we do. Corporate governance, with Ricoh Way as a cornerstone feature, accords us the ability to ensure that business activities are being properly executed, and it underpins sound and highly transparent management practices.


Value to customers


  • Increase customer value through products and services
  • Offer safe and reliable products and services

 Business partners

  • Build partnerships based on mutual trust and fair trade
  • Promote socially responsible activities across the value chain

Value to shareholders

 Shareholders and investors

  • Increase corporate value by achieving sustained business growth
  • Provide timely and appropriate information disclosure and communication

Value to employees


  • Provide workplaces that motivate our diverse employees
  • Maintain a culture that fosters personal development and fair treatment

Value to society


  • Contribute to solving social issues through social contribution and business activities
  • Respect the cultures and customs of the countries and regions in which we operate, and contribute to their development

 Global environment

  • Conduct business activities in an environmentally friendly manner and contribute to the reduction of environmental impact
  • Contribute to the maintenance and restoration of the Earth’s self-recovery capabilities