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Flash Information on 104th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

May 28, 2004

Dear Shareholder:

Ricoh Company, Ltd., will hold its 104th ordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 25, 2004.
We are scheduled to mail out Notice of the 104th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 4, 2004. However, regarding the Meeting Agenda and Business Report for fiscal year 2004 (April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2004), we will place it on this website at 18:00 on June 4, 2004 (JST).
You can exercise your voting rights through your international securities custodian. If you wish to exercise those rights, please instruct the custodian (or management institution) to vote on your behalf by June 11, 2004.
American depository receipt holders will receive separate voting instructions from the Bank of New York from June 4, 2004.