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FY2016 1st Quarter Financial Announcement
ended June 30, 2015

Date : August 6, 2015
Time : 6:00pm-7:00pm
Place : The Industry Club of Japan
Contents : Mr. Daisuke Segawa, Corporate Senior Vice President of Ricoh Company, Ltd., explained FY2016/3 Q1 results using materials below.

Presentation Materials

Q1 Results Presentation

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Q&A Session

How will you recover Q1 unachieved operating profit for the remaining quarters?
Machines in field (MIF) is increasing gradually resulting in improved non-hardware performance.
We will accelerate MIF growth and increase profit. Also by enhancing various measures such as increasing profit in the Industrial Business, restraining expense and so on, we aim to achieve the annual plan.

The first half year operating profit plan is unchanged. Will you be able to meet your ambitious Q2 goal of 42 billion yen?
After reviewing the Q1 results, we intend to achieve our Q2 operating profit by making appropriate adjustments while exploring non-business avenues.

Can you break down the details of minus 6.3 billion yen of Sales & Mix in Q1 operating profit y-o-y comparison?
Sales in Europe and other areas where middle and low-end product ratio was relatively high showed good results. On the other hand, in Japan where color ratio is high and in the US where middle and high-end product ratio is high, sales were low contrary to our expectations. Due to low-end product MIX and sales promotion to increase MIF, gross profit decreased.
We will enhance profitability by increasing print volume with increased MIF at Q1 and decreasing manufacturing and operating costs.

Product cost down of Q1seems low in terms of your annual plan. Can you achieve the plan?
We plan to expand sales of high unit price products such as A3 color and monochrome MFPs at the latter half of the year.