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FY2015 Financial Announcement ended March 31, 2015

Date : April 28, 2015
Time : 5:00pm-6:00pm
Place : Nomura Conforence Plaza Nihonbashi
Contents : Mr. Zenji Miura, CEO of Ricoh Company, Ltd., explained FY2015 results using materials below.

Presentation Materials

FY2015 Results Presentation

Presentation text (essence) (PDF:1,486KB)

Q&A Session

The financial results are stuck in place. Is there some structural problem?
Although in the five to ten year range, there is a paperless risk, at present, print volume and units in the field have not decreased. But unit price per page is declining.
However the business model will not collapse suddenly, we are reforming our structure with a view to the future. We aim to best our competitors in the existing business and invest the cash we earn there to grow new potential business.

Why do you say that non-hardware sales will recover this year?
We couldn’t make our numbers for color MFPs last year due to impact from the production problem. This year we will expand non-hardware sales including expansion of new B/W MFPs marketed at the end of last year.

Will cash flow of the finance business continue to be negative along with finance business expansion?
We will not continue to expand the finance business unlimitedly. At the present we have started to expand the business and it is in the red number but assets pile up gradually and at some stage it will turn black.

There is a considerable gap from the 3Q forecast. When did you realize how serious the situation was?
We were not prepared for the knock-on effect of the US port strike. The gap in Japan and Europe spread more gradually.