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FY2012 1st Quarter Financial Announcement
ended June 30, 2011

Date : August 4, 2011
Time : 6:00pm-7:00pm
Place : Otemachi Sankei Plaza
Contents : Mr. Zenji Miura, CFO of Ricoh Company, Ltd., explained FY2012 1Q results using materials below.
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Presentation Materials Financial Highlights /Appendix

Results Presentation

Presentation text (essence)(PDF:123KB)

Q&A Session


You announced that you would spend 60 billion yen to implement structural reform in two years at the investors’ meeting in May. How will you allocate this 60 billion yen for this year and next year? Do you have any plan to bring forward the schedule and spend all or part of next year budget this year?


We will spend 30 billion yen this year and next year respectively. We are going to spend 23 billion for Japan in this second quarter and remaining 7 billion yen in the second half of this year. We will not spend the money in advance, because we will spend the structural reform expense while confirming the effect.


How much do you expect to earn from the sales of new businesses such as LED lighting, UCS, and eWriter solutions this fiscal year? And which segment are those sales included in?


We expect 10 billion yen in LED Lighting sales, however, we don’t include any effect from other businesses for this fiscal year forecast. UCS and eWriter solutions are included in Imaging & Solutions, and LED lighting in Other.


Why are you acquiring the camera business of PENTAX? Do you have intend to acquire other companies to enlarge your camera business?


We have a plan to expand products and services for individuals in response to changes in working style in our mid-term plan. We believe this acquisition will be in line with that. Further more, we will be able to generate new businesses such as security cameras utilizing optical technologies. And we don’t have any plan to acquire further. PENTAX and Ricoh have complementary relationship with each products lineup, and we will be able to expand some business scale on our own.


Do you have any countermeasures to the appreciation of the yen?


We have established a global purchasing head quarters Jan.2011. We expect this integrated procurement will enable us to substantially reduce the Forex risks, for example, increasing procurement by Euro or other currency other than the US dollar.


The currency assumption of the 17th mid-term plan is 85 yen to the US dollar, and 120 yen to Euro. You revised the currency assumption for FY2012 this time. Will you also revise the currency assumption and financial targets of 17th mid-term plan?


We have no intension of changing assumption of 17th mid-term plan. In spite of some forex impact, we aim to achieve the targets through implementing the strategies and measures we set in the 17th mid-term plan.