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FY2011 3rd Quarter Financial Announcement
ended December 31, 2010

Date : February 2, 2011
Time : 6:00pm-7:00pm
Place : Otemachi Sankei Plaza
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Q&A Session


Is Ricoh's market share increasing with the launch of new products?


We estimate our share has been increasing recently. We also expect we can boost our share further in Q4 with the full contribution of new products.


Did Q3 result not meet its target?


No. Sales for Q3 were about 25 billion yen short compared with the plan.


Why shortfall in Q3?


Market growth was less than we expected. We are confident that we can be highly competitive in spite of the continuing tough competition.


How you can achieve your Q4 target?


We intend to achieve Q4 target by accelerating sales in the Americas and improving profitability in Europe and Japan. Q4 is the largest sales quarter; still we take various measures to achieve our target beyond the seasonality factor. We perceived encouraging signs from the market in Q3.


Will SG&A expenses increase in proportion to sales growth, although they have been flattish in this fiscal year?


Basically, we will grow our profit by increasing gross profit, without increasing SG&A. For SG&A, we will shift our resources to new business areas by improving the efficiency of existing business.