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FY2010 3rd Quarter Financial Announcement
ended December 31, 2009

Date : January 29, 2010
Time : 6:00pm-7:00pm
Place : Otemachi Sankei Plaza
Contents : Mr. Zenji Miura, Corporate Executive Vice President of Ricoh Company, Ltd., explained FY2010 3rd Quarter results using materials below.

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Presentation Materials

Financial Highlights /Appendix

Summary of 3rd Quarter Results Presentation

Consolidated operating income of the Ricoh Group for the third quarter fiscal year 2010 increased by 11.4% as compared to the previous corresponding period. Signs of recovery are seen in some regions and our IT service and solution business keeps growing, but the market is still tough, sales declined by 3.2% versus one year ago. However, our gross profit improvement and expenses reduction through the structural reforms succeeded beyond expectation, yielding an increase in profits compared with a year ago. Based on the results of the third quarter, while we have revised our sales forecast down to 2.000 trillion yen, we have revised our operating income up to 45 billion yen, with 15 billion yen in net income attributable to Ricoh Company, Ltd. for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2010.
We assume exchange rates of ¥90.00 against the U.S. dollar and ¥130.00 against the Euro during the fourth quarter.
Q1. Do you see signs of recovery in the copier market?
A1. Although tough condition continue, we were able to work on some large deals. We are starting to see the signs of a recovery.
Q2. Are there differences in recovery between regions?
A2. In Japan, we continue to be affected by the tough business environment. In the Americas and Europe, business is still tough now, however, we expect to see a recovery shortly. As for emerging markets such as China, we believe there is big potential for growth, and we will make even more effort than in the past.