Version Upgrade Information

RICOH Unified Communication System update

Update Update December 17, 2014
Version V1.2.1
Copyrights Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Reproduction conditions Reproduction prohibited
Models supported RICOH Unified Communication System P1000

Update information

Date Version Overview of functions added/revised
14/12/17 V1.2.1 Version upgrade content
• Overview of functions added:
  • 1.Video Conference Gateway Service
  • 2.Auto firmware download
  • 3.Meeting information display
  • 4.Error report sending

• Improvement:
  • Full size screen on external display
  • - The screen can be displayed in full size when using external displays with full HD capability that are incompatible with WSVGA.
14/06/16 V1.1.1 Version upgrade content
• Function additions and improvements
  • 1.An auto power-off function has been implemented.
    • The European directive ErP (Lot6) is supported.
    • If 15 minutes passed without any operation on the contact list screen, power will be turned OFF automatically (electricity consumption 0W)
    • This function works only when displaying the contact list.
    • Settings procedure:menu/select device settings and "auto power-off" (it is effective by default)
  • 2.The number of checked items during the network connection test has increased.
    • A function to check if TCP Port 80 (used in release notices) is open has been added.
  • 3.Network settings have been improved.
    • Conferences are now possible in special environments where IP address is designated in the proxy and there is no DNS server.
  • 4.Screen sharing has been improved.
    • You can share your Google street view screen.
      *Google is a registered trademarks of Google Inc.
14/05/07 V1.0.4 Version upgrade content
• Overview of functions reviced
  • OpenSSL vulnerability has been fixed

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