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Version Upgrade Information

RICOH Unified Communication System update

Update Update January 14, 2016
Version Ver.2.4.8
Copyrights Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Reproduction conditions Reproduction prohibited
Version confirmation and update method Install the latest version from the App Store
Models supported RICOH Unified Communication System for iPad
RICOH Unified Communication System for iPhone

Update information

Date Version Overview of functions added/revised
16/01/14 V2.4.8
  • - iOS 9 support
  • - Fixes an issue meeting Information page when the number of participant exceeds 20.
15/02/26 V2.4.2
  1. User interface has been optimized for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus
  2. A bug which made the background of the login screen become white has been corrected
14/12/17 V2.4.1 Version upgrade content
- iOS 8 support
- All the bugs below have been fixed :
  • it was not possible to start a meeting with a proxy authentication environment with iPad/iPad mini
  • if you selected two items at the same time on the contact list with iPad/iPad mini/iPhone, sometimes it was freezing when removing the finger
  • log out dialog box was not displayed when logging out with iPad/iPad mini
  • login with a proxy environment was unstable
  • layout issues :
    login screen
    processing windows do not rotate correctly
    screen to add a contact
    private meeting window
    depending on the settings, help link was not displayed
    menu screen when changing the settings
14/04/04 V2.3.1
  • A bug in the iPhone version that happened after receiving a phone call has been fixed
13/11/21 V2.2.0
  • Improved the address book function. Enable to register, edit and delete a contact information via App
  • Enable to send a report when App occurs an error
13/10/07 V2.1.0
  • Network bandwith limit mode added
  • Enable to select "TCP443" as the port used for meetings
13/09/19 V2.0.1
  • UI improved
13/09/10 V2.0.0
  • iPhone supported
13/08/11 V1.5.0
  • 1.Proxy network support
    • Possible to connect to the server under the proxy network.
  • 2.Contact list
    • It is possible to add to contact list up to 200.
13/05/14 V2.3.1
  • It is now possible to send an address book entry registration request from the application.
  • It is now possible to sort the site list into "status order" or "kana pronunciation order" from the setting screen.
  • It is now possible to reference notices in the application.
13/04/19 V1.2.0
  • It is now possible to do initial-password changes and e-mail address registration in the application.
  • It is now possible to enter basic settings (name change, password change, re-registration, and e-mail address change) in the application.
  • It is now possible to reference the FAQ in the application.
  • Certain other functions were improved.
13/03/19 V1.1.1
  • Fixed problem of not being able to install in iOS 6.0.
13/03/07 V1.1.0
  • Added function for contact list registration request approval/rejection.

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