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White Paper

image:White Paper

Ricoh publishes White Paper to express our vision behind the development of our products, services and corporate activities.

Chinese Version

Coporate Activities

  • Development Process Innovation- A Concept for Increasing Customer Value (PDF:34P/1,072KB)

    In the rapid changes of the work environment, manufacturing method that enables quick response to latest customer needs is required. Since 2002, the Ricoh group has been conducting customer-focused development process innovation. The home position of our innovation efforts is with the customers, and our goal is to increase customer values. The innovation has five pillars: platform and module design, robust engineering, 3D design, design resource optimization, and cultivating innovators. This white paper clarifies why the innovation is needed, how it has been conducted, and what values it has yielded.
    July 4, 2014 Version 1.0.0

  • Creating a Sustainable Society through Environmental Management (English Version) (PDF:20P/1,759KB)

    Ricoh has been a leading pioneer in sustainable environmental management since the 1990s, striving to balance environmental conservation with business sustainability. By adopting the back-casting method, we set our environmental targets as milestones based on our long-term vision. We also foster technological development and environmental conservation activities at each stage of our products' lifecycle. Through these measures, we provide environmentally friendly products and services to our customers and together with our stakeholders.
    March 26, 2013 Version 1.0.0

Chinese Version

Business Field

  • New Collaboration Strengthens Organization -Case studies: changing work style and discovery of new values- (PDF: 18P/751KB)

    How are fast-moving ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) applied in a company or an organization? Are they perceived as easy to use and secure? This white paper introduces case studies where the introduction of a new Ricoh collaboration tool, easy to use and secure, not only saved cost and time, but also significantly changed the qualities of business and service. Customers who adopted Ricoh's ICT tool discovered new value in reforming communications for their organizations, and further, some felt improvement in their individual quality of life.
    Mar. 10, 2015 Version1.0.0

  • Ricoh's Unified Communication brings Renovation to Collaboration (PDF:13P/210KB)

    Diverse businesses have improved competitive power by introducing diverse work styles. The workforce is now dispersed, restricted by neither time nor place. Because of this dispersion, various systems have appeared to support collaboration. One such system is the video conference system. This document clarifies new value brought about by the unified communication that Ricoh proposes.
    April 2, 2012 Version 1.0.1

Industrial Field

  • Ricoh's Next-Generation Machine Vision: A Window on the Future (PDF:11P/551KB)

    As the range of machine vision applications continues to expand, Ricoh is providing new value propositions that integrate the optics, electronic devices, and image processing technologies cultivated through its history. Ricoh's machine vision solutions are already being used in such fields as factory automation (FA), on-board systems, security, and the distribution of goods. In the future, Ricoh will continue to contribute to the social infrastructure with optical system technologies that satisfy a broad range of needs from 2D and 3D imaging to invisible and multidimensional domains.
    December 16, 2014 Version 1.2.0