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Response to IPv6/IPsec Technology

Ricoh is a leader in adapting to changes in the office environment. We are implementing IPv6/IPsec, the next generation network technology platform in our products.

Our approach to latest telecommunication platform technologies

When we use the Internet, a communication protocol called IP (Internet Protocol) is being used. Currently, the mainly used version is IPv4 (IP version 4). When communicating with this IP, a unique number called the IP address is always needed to identify the destination address. In IPv4, however, there are only 232 (approx 4.3 billion) IP addresses. Possible IP addresses (IPv4 address) for IPv4 are running short, causing serious problems.

A new IP called 'IPv6' (IP version 6) was proposed and has been implemented to solve the problem. IPv6 has approx 2128 (approx 340 undecillion, meaning 340 trillion, trillion trillion) of IP addresses, which is virtually infinite. Many companies like telecommunication carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), hosting, and housing services companies have already launched various services that respond to Ipv6.

Greater number of people is concerned with security when using network. We think it is important to respond to IPSec technology which collectively encrypts and detects tampering of communications running on the IP platform.

Very early on, we started working for cutting edge telecommunication platform technologies like Ipv6 and IPSec and conducted research and development to make implementation possible. In 2002, we unveiled our prototype of IPv6 supporting products and started sales in 2005. Two years later in 2007, we released products supporting IPsec; today we are committed to providing many new products to deliver even greater support. We have obtained the IPv6 Ready Logo certification, and are dedicating further efforts to improve our quality.

Figure 1: The first multi function device (MFP) that supports IPv6 released in December, 2005 from Ricoh with IPv6 Ready LogoIPv6 Ready Logo

Figure 1: The first multifunction device (MFP) that supports IPv6 released in December, 2005 from Ricoh with IPv6 Ready Logo

Figure 2: MP C3003Ipv6 Ready Logo Phase-2

Figure 2: MP C6003/C5503/C4503/C3503/C3003 released in June, 2013 with IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 (Both IPv6 Core Protocols and IPsec are supported))

Network devices communicate with varied equipment, so it is important for us, as a hardware manufacturer, to respect standardized technologies and show a collaborative attitude toward establishing standards. Ricoh is also participating in the standardization movement by holding discussions and enlightening people to expand the standard technologies. We are determined to contribute further to the IT oriented society, and to provide products that satisfy our customers.

Leveraging cutting edge telecommunication platform technologies

Under the IPv6 environment, an IP address is available exclusively for each device. This simplifies and streamlines a company’s network structures. The new environment is also beneficial because it makes it easier to avoid duplicate addresses when companies or organizations consolidate. With so many addresses available, we are able to connect varied office equipment that was not connected with the IP network in the past. (For instance, remote management is made available by providing connection to individual sensors in the building and device. Energy conservation management can also be achieved by providing connection to individual fluorescent tubes.)

IPsec can encrypt various communications in bulk and secure the completeness of telecommunications. Providing collective communication security for printers and MFPs will ease the minds of customers concerned with higher security.

IPv6 and IPsec have long histories, but their technologies are still immature and people still seek optimum operation. We have stayed ahead of our competitors in the platform technology world by launching support early on, giving us an advantage with experience. Using the expertise we’ve gained, we can make the best possible proposals to our customers on the front line.
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