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Reception of Interns

Ricoh accepts interns from in and outside the country. We don't look at it merely as a volunteer activity to accept the students for internship; instead we see it as an opportunity to learn how to lead interns toward specified results within the limited period and to let them summarize results as a presentation. These broad internships give us a good opportunity to practice cross-cultural communications.

Internship from Overseas

Interns from overseas usually stay with us from two months to half a year. Homelands include the United States, Germany, Belgium, China, India, Pakistan. Many of them come to Ricoh using internship programs provided by their universities, and receive credits as part of the curriculum.

Those interns achieve better results than we expect, making use of their university specialties. All gain productive experience from the training they join in an actual project inside a foreign enterprise, while enjoying life in Japan. We are encouraged when we receive reports from intern students after their return that say "Training at Ricoh revealed points lacking in my technology and knowledge, so I have already registered for a class related to these points in the coming semester."

Domestic Internship

We accept many domestic intern students every year via Ricoh's internship program. Although most stay for only two to three weeks, we assign them as a member of actual projects that relate to their specialized field and individual interests. They often start out perplexed, we hear positive comments like "It was very instructive having experienced a bit of research and development in an enterprise while a student," and "I was able to get a hint of actual life in research and development."