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Reinforcing the creation of customer value


Strengthening our industry-specific sales and
marketing structure to maintain our leading share of the global A3 laser MFP market*1

We aim to tackle the challenges of maturing printing markets and intensifying competition in developed nations. We will draw on our global customer base, ties with regional customers, and our worldwide sales and maintenance services network to reinforce our core businesses. We will endeavor to enhance productivity in customer offices through MFPs, printers, and other imaging equipment. We will also supply products and services that drive business success for customers in various industries.

Yoshinori Yamashita
Director, Deputy President and General Manager,
Business Solutions Group, Ricoh Co., Ltd.

As of November 30, 2016

Yoshinori Yamashita

*1 IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker 2016 Q2;
A3 laser MFP/copier share includes ­single-function copiers in term of shipments in 2015.

Sales of office imaging/ network system solutions
(JPY billion)

Sales of office imaging/ network system solutions

MTP target

MTP target

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

*2 Laser printer

■ Turning diverse workplace transformations into business opportunities

Direction for business expansion

Direction for business expansion

*3 PP: Production printing

*4 VC: Visual communication

Workstyles are evolving, driven by increased ­glo­balization, growth of emerging economies and a wider embrace of network technologies, and the perceived issues that accompany new workstyles are becoming more diverse. In this environment, the value that customers seek is shifting from “ownership of products” to “use of services,” ­presenting us with untraveled trails to extend our market ­presence beyond products to new ­businesses derived from services and solutions.
This period of transformation is, from our ­perspective, a tremendous business opportunity, and new pursuits not bound by existing methods for providing products and services are sure to translate into future growth. The Ricoh Group will draw on strengths cultivated to date, namely, ­technological strengths and customer contact ­capability, to generate new value from a ­customer point of view.
Office imaging and network system solutions comprise about 80% of sales on a consolidated basis. With a basic strategy to reinforce and develop earnings power, we are prioritizing approaches to raise market share in developed nations and expand our presence along new business avenues through IT services and communications as well as enhance ­profitability in emerging nations.
We seek to increase our shares in the mature markets of developed nations by reinforcing our product strength. We strengthened our sales and marketing structure in 2015 for specific fields, including healthcare, education, finance, and manufacturing. We reviewed basic business processes for customers’ core businesses, bolstering support services to enhance sales and customer satisfaction. In healthcare, for example, we proposed automated sorting for prescription and other forms, linking patient photographic and electronic records, and support for regional medical care alliances that use videoconferencing.
We are deploying products and services from the Innovation Center*5 to cater to the unique needs of emerging nations. We aim to provide comprehensive solutions linked with designs based on a long-term vision that identifies specific local needs, laws, and other elements. We are striving to deliver new value by supplying managed document services (MDS) in developed and emerging nations. One example is running a one-stop information technology infrastructure business that plans, builds, and operates information and communications infrastructures for offices. Another example is offering services to make visual communication more convenient for offices and educational institutions.

*5 Located in Japan, Dubai, China, India and Mexico; to be opened in ASEAN region

Case study 1

Case study

Chinese law requires hospitals to provide X-ray, computed tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging, and other medical diagnostic films to patients. We develop and provide customized MFPs that can print images from medical systems.

Case study 2

Case study

In view of a requirement to use labeling meeting international standards with chemical products, we evaluated the label paper used in China and developed and commercialized a printer that minimizes paper jams.

Increasing value in imaging equipment

Large touch panel on MFP

*6 Large touch panel on MFP

Our strengths include our ability to supply products and services that cater to the globalization of customer operations and a sales and support structure that accommodates market characteristics.
MFPs launched in 2016 incorporate large full-color touch panels*6 that enhance operability. The panels make it easy to download an array of cloud applications, helping to improve customers’ business efficiency.
To provide even more added value, we have taken @Remote, a remote device management ­service, worldwide. @Remote uses Internet connections to track equipment status and collect information about machine performance to prevent malfunctions, shorten or eliminate downtime, and expedite automated ordering of consumable supplies, all without waiting for a customer to call for assistance. We support all document-related workflows, not only printing, and assume operation and management tasks as well so that customers can boost productivity and cut administrative costs.
To ensure that customers have ready access to the information they need when they need it, we continue to offer proposals for improvement, from business-related information infrastructure ­layout to optimized design of workflows, from ­document preparation to output and management, and further to implementation and operation of the systems.


IT services that optimize office infrastructure

To expand sales and raise profitability, customers are keen to concentrate their human resources into core operations. For this to happen, customers need to maintain the efficiency of indirect operations and then boost the level higher. The Ricoh Group applies IT and network know-how accumulated in the course of MFP and printer sales and after-sales support over many years to offer one-stop solutions fine-tuned to customer requirements for everything from IT environment layout to high-level services and support to meet both objectives.
We have reinforced our IT services structure, including through mergers and acquisitions, and have significantly expanded our operations overseas. We look to improve our profitability by supplying high-value-added services that link documents, communications, and business-specific solutions.

Visual communication business ­making the flow of diverse communication smooth

Evolution of “products + services” solutions

Evolution of “products + services” solution

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As office communication and workstyles change, we will expand services that support communication whenever and wherever people are working.
Our “products”—visual communication ­equipment—include ultra-short-throw projectors, interactive whiteboards and videoconferencing systems. To these we add “services,” such as know-how and solutions that utilize the “products,” to make tasks more efficient. Basically, we offer ­“products + services” value that contributes to enhance productivity for customers by extending total support for office work environments.
Workplaces and workstyles are also changing, with many people opting to work from home or in satellite offices. To address the needs of this market, we provide “products + services” support, using visual communication devices and cloud services. By enabling people to communicate face-to-face, even from remote locations, and share materials as they speak, business activities at ­customer sites move along more smoothly.
The Ricoh Group will continue to help customers across different business sectors save time and money in their office communication processes and will propose new workstyles that allow employees to demonstrate their creativity.

Visual communication

Ricoh’s full range of services

Case study on visual communication

Delivering Total Solutions that Transform Workstyles


Rapid developments in information and communication technologies in recent years have made it easy to access information at any time and place. Ricoh helps customers improve workstyles in this way through a range of products that support knowledge creation. They include interactive whiteboards (IWBs), the Unified Communication System, and projectors.
A good example of how this works comes from a leading European chemical manufacturer, which wanted to transform workstyles when relocating its headquarters. Ricoh participated in the relocation project. We proposed setting up a highly productive and efficient work environment that champions anytime, anywhere collaboration. We offered document management solutions through multifunctional printers and printers that employ robust integrated circuit card authorization. We also developed specialty software and built a remote videoconferencing system in collaboration with a vendor enterprise. We installed PC-connective IWBs in all 70 meeting rooms of the new headquarters. The IWBs enable face-to-face discussions between participants in different locations so people can share knowledge and create ideas together. Our specifications enabled connectivity with the remote telecommunication services of other companies. We accelerated the customer’s operational efficiency, creating an interactive office environment by suggesting combinations of our diverse products with the services of other companies, one example being four-projector video screens. Such setups helped the customer reduce the costs and time otherwise spent on business trips and transportation. The customer is looking to roll out our solutions at its other business sites.
We will continue working with customers to provide solutions that exceed expectations, drawing on Group technologies and global proposal and support capabilities to generate one-stop solution proposals extending from pre-deployment support to after service.

Incredibly user-friendly IWB

RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D8400

Visual communication

●The IWB can be computer-controlled

●Other systems can be linked for videoconferencing