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Supply Chain Management

Sales and service

To quickly and efficiently provide the products and services that customers need, the Ricoh Group shares usage and customization information with its entire supply chain.

Database for direct response

Personnel from sales to production can access a newly developed customer information database that catalogs both the equipment used by individual customers and their customization details (such as combinations of built-in and external options). This data helps prevent mistaken orders and assists factories to build-to-order and deliver products by the customer’s designated date.

Customization on the production line

In accordance with customer preferences, our factories install memory, double-sided units, expansion trays and more onto products while they are still on the production line. IP addresses and system and program settings can also be customized during assembly so that equipment can be quickly integrated into a network environment. Products also undergo an operating check under the customer’s actual usage conditions while still on the line. The end result is reliable products that can go to work immediately upon installation.

Traditional method versus configuration on the production line

The traditional method versus configuration on the production line