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Growing with Society

Committed to a sustainable future for the Earth, society and our business

The Ricoh Group believes in growing together with society. We have made it our mission to address the issues society faces, going beyond simply responding to a constantly changing world to create new value that can realize sustainable growth.
Our employees are dedicated to raising awareness of social issue and to contributing to solving those issues through business operations, putting into action ideas that promise a sustainable future for all.

Contributing to solving social challenges

The Ricoh Group prioritizes both “commitment to and responsibility for social contribution” and “contribution to the resolution of social issues through business activities” to solve global social problems.
Our commitment to and responsibility for social contribution demands persistent implementation of social contribution activities within our business domains and beyond. These activities exceed direct participation by the Company and employees to include providing support to NPOs and NGOs seeking to solve prevailing issues.
Our efforts to solve social issues through business activities draw on resources—proprietary technology, products, services and employees—and target activities under a concept of value-creating CSR. We defined the key areas of value-creating CSR in 2008, leading to a deeper understanding of social issues and approaches including collaboration with stakeholders that not only lead to practical solutions but also enable us to tap into new markets, find new customers and drive innovations that resolve or mitigate global concerns. Recently, CSV* has attracted attention as a new current in the CSR movement. To us, CSV has much in common with value-creating CSR, and we will maintain activities that embrace both concepts.
To lay a cornerstone for these activities, we endeavor to instill widespread awareness of social issues in each and every employee. This serves to elicit interest in and foster sensitivity to social issues and cultivate a corporate culture that encourages involvement in achieving solutions.

* CSV stands for “creating shared value,” a business concept introduced by Harvard professor Michael E. Porter, a leading authority on competitive strategy, and Mark Kramer in a 2006 Harvard Business Review article. The core concept of CSV is that the competitive strength of a company and the health of communities around it are inter-reliant. So by addressing social needs and challenges, corporations can create value for their businesses as well as society.

Contributing to solving social challenges

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