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Innovating from future standpoint

“At the Ricoh Group, we are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living” is our Mission Statement and part of The RICOH Way. Since its founding in 1936, Ricoh has been an innovator in products and services for information and communication, beginning with photosensitive paper and progressing to cameras, copiers, MFPs and IT services. And we remain as committed to innovating as ever.
We start by anticipating how societies and workstyles may change in the future, then consider what we can do to offer our customers new value and contribute to sustainability. The foundation for these innovations is Ricoh’s wide variety of resources fostered over the many years of evolving our major products in the field of imaging equipment. These include technologies that range from electrophotography, image processing and chemistry, to optics, networks and software. We believe that by combining these highly developed technologies with new ideas, we can create unprecedented value.


Daring to innovate

A host of contemporary social issues, such as overpopulation, the depletion of energy and natural resources, and the effects of climate change, are impacting global corporate activities. Simultaneously, IT networks enable the fluid exchange of information and the cultivation of ideas that can be turned into intellectual properties. These trends require a more diverse and flexible workstyle than ever before. To sustain their business activities, companies must address all the prevailing issues and move with the evolving trends. Ricoh’s R&D focuses on these issues and trends in its quest for innovation that drives new solutions forward.

R&D geared to trends in transforming the office

Ricoh has consistently provided new value for working people by improving the way they interact with information, pioneering office automation in the 1950s.
We start from a vision of the office of the future, then draw an R&D road map to get there.
Our definition of the “office” is the totality of the way people work, their business processes and work environment. Based on this definition and changes in society, we have projected six trends that will transform the office and our concept of working in it.
Anticipating demand fueled by these trends, Ricoh concentrates its R&D on technologies that revolutionize customer workstyles and minimize environmental impact to provide new products and services that meet market needs.

Research on the Office of the Future
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Trends transforming the office

Daring to innovate

Seeking to build an infrastructure that is confidence, comfort, and convenience

As IT grows more prevalent, becoming safer and easier for everyone to use, we can expect society to benefit from higher productivity and become more prosperous. So, Ricoh is steadily extending its reach beyond the “office” environment to new business domains. The industrial products market, in particular, is an area in which we can capitalize on our technological expertise.

Examples of innovative industrial products
  • Extended depth-of-field camera with wide-ranging applications, including factory automation and security; and a multi-spectroscopic camera capable of acquiring color information about a subject in real time
  • System to recirculate energy that had previously been left untapped at manufacturing sites
  • Dry (water- and solvent-free) washing technology that dramatically reduces environmental impact in the production and recycling washing processes.
  • Rewritable recording technology that facilitates high-quality, repetitive rewriting for wider applications in production control and physical distribution
[Greater innovation in new business domains]

Looking into the future, we have begun collabo­rat­ing in new ways on technologies cultivated within the Ricoh Group. We are keen to create businesses that contribute to confidence, comfort, and convenience in such fields as healthcare, with systems that help prevent diseases and promote good health, as well as the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Particularly, the ADAS showcases some of our proprietary technologies in laser scanning, projection and imaging optics, image processing, and image correction and recognition.