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Human Resource Management

Employee development and mobility: Key drivers of our global operations

In our rapidly changing, intensely competitive environment, we need responsive and adaptable human resource (HR) management that helps create new value by cultivating talented people who can make smart and timely decisions from a global perspective, and by conducting strategic cross-border staff allocations. Fostering the true potential of all employees is an investment in our business and the aim of the Ricoh Group’s HR management, together with advancing our business in ways that benefit both society and the planet.

Maximize value of personnel assets—some 110,000 employees—worldwide

When employees—key corporate assets—can fully demonstrate their capabilities and contribute to maximum corporate value, the development of society and the happiness of individuals align. To accomplish this requires an HR management system that goes beyond traditional paradigms and mirrors the evolution of society and the world of work.
At the Ricoh Group, we encourage our global workforce of approximately 110,000 employees to share the values of “The RICOH Way,” the core of our corporate philosophy. Common understanding and practice of The RICOH Way is how we are able to deliver consistent value to customers in whatever country or region they are located. In addition, we actively promote a good work–life balance and have been successful in maintaining the right equilibrium because we respect diversity, which allows employees with different backgrounds and ideas to show their personality and capabilities, and we strive to make careers highly compatible with individual lifestyles. We also seek to create safe and healthy places for our people to work.

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Communication with employees

Ricoh global employee survey
We aspire to build the Ricoh Group into a truly global organization—One Global Company—with a framework built upon a common foundation, The RICOH Way. each and every ­employee can demonstrate his or her capabilities to the fullest extent possible and work independently and enthusiastically at assigned tasks, in keeping with The RICOH Way. To achieve this, we regularly implement employee engagement surveys to pinpoint employee awareness and promote more desirable reforms, from the perspective of The RICOH Way. In fiscal 2014, we conducted our first global employee survey at 69 companies within the Ricoh Group—20 companies in Japan and 49 companies overseas—garnering responses from about 90% of the roughly 85,000 people surveyed.
The survey results, which were announced on our intranet and in-house publication, will be used to plan measures for improvement.

Employee Council
Ricoh Employee Council meetings are manifestations of our belief that employees are collaborators in the growth of our business. The Council’s central meetings serve as a forum for communication between senior executives and other employees, with top management sharing information concerning the current state of the company and their management policies with representatives from 14 offices.
The information is subsequently conveyed to all employees through workplace meetings as well as through the Council’s newsletters. In addition, issues requiring top management consultation, such as pay raises, bonus payments and the Company’s annual plans, are discussed in special committees by members of the central meeting, and the results are passed along to top management.