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We believe that it is important for every employee to adhere strictly to laws, company regulations and corporate ethics in their daily activities.
All Ricoh Group executives and employees in Japan receive annual training via e-learning on the Ricoh Group Code of Conduct, which provides principles of conduct in daily activities. Equivalent training is given to all overseas Ricoh Group companies.
An integrated internal audit checks the status of compliance in every organization.

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Anti-corruption initiatives

The Ricoh Group stipulates its basic anti-corruption policy in the Ricoh Group Code of Conduct and promotes it across the Group through Code of Conduct education. In 2013, the Ricoh Group Standard for Bribery Prevention became a part of the RGS to help ensure total compliance with laws and regulations that prevent illegal transactions, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States and the Bribery Act (2010) of the United Kingdom. In addition, the Ricoh Group Bribery Prevention Guidelines for Third Parties has been enacted as a means to prevent corruption among Ricoh Group business partners*.

* “Business partners” refers to organizations and individuals outside the Ricoh Group which perform services that contribute to the profits of any Ricoh Group company or that represent any Ricoh Group company.

Bribery Prevention Guidelines

Hotline system

The Ricoh Group Hotline has been in operation since April 2003 in Japan as a contact point for employees wishing to report incidents or seek advice. Independent external contacts have also been established to supplement the internal contacts. To make the Hotline easier for employees to use, we continuously review its hours of operation and procedures. In addition, major Group companies worldwide have established and operate reporting and advice contacts.
Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation by rules prohibiting discriminatory acts against those who have contacted the Hotline.

Basic flow of the Hotline system in Japan

Basic flow of the Hotline system in Japan