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Customer Satisfaction

Case study: Creating new customer value through our initiative

The Ricoh Group aims to understand our customers, meet their requests, devise solutions, and ultimately delight those who use our products and services.

Technical advisory meeting helps in visualizing customer needs

Technical advisory meeting at Ricoh Europe PLC
Technical advisory meeting at Ricoh Europe PLC

We believe that anticipating the future, going one step beyond to provide new value exceeding customers’ expectations, is what enables the Ricoh Group to grow. With this in mind, we develop activities that involve our customers and thereby fuel the creation of new value.
One such activity is the technical advisory meeting, an event that involves the participation of Ricoh Group customers. Invitations are extended to people in charge of IT infrastructure at customer companies. The group discussion format among peers facilitates the exchange of information constructive for enhancing administrative procedures and also highlights topics of common concern. Themes include network configuration, security, cloud use, new workstyles, and visual communications. Our goal is to utilize group discussions to reveal latent customer needs and apply opinions from a customer perspective to the development of new products. In addition, these meetings provide an ideal venue to demonstrate next-generation Ricoh equipment being considered for a market debut and to collect opinions and requests. This valuable customer feedback is forwarded to product planning and development departments and reflected in new technology developments and better products.
Examples of functions that have been turned into products, thanks to customer input, include the addition of optical character recognition (OCR) for electronic documents to a multifunction printer, as well as an app to print data stored on smart devices from a multifunction printer.
Another approach is individual interviews with representatives at customer companies at the ­management level. Through this activity, which targets corporations that have chosen the Ricoh Group as a business partner, we inquire about changes at customer companies, such as new business directions and IT and global strategies. We ask where we stand in terms of customer satisfaction and what we can do going forward to meet customers’ evolving needs. We expect customers to be frank and honest about what they want from us. Using the results of these interviews, we consider responses that we, as a partner to our customers, can apply to support their respective business directions and management issues. We ­analyze potential responses and strive to create new value that fuels growth to both sides of the sales equation—for customers and for ourselves. The results are then utilized in medium- and long-term product development and sales strategies for the Ricoh Group.
These two approaches—the technical advisory meetings and individual interviews—are vital, helping to build stronger bonds between us and our customers and facilitating growth on both sides.