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Information Security

Information Security


Coverpage of Ricoh Group Information Security

What's New
- [News] Organization of the Ricoh Global Security Summit

- [News] Third Renewal Audit for ISMS Completed

An Overview

Acquiring ISMS Certification

RFG ISMeasures

Review and Plan

- Fiscal 2014 Activities Review and Plan for Fiscal 2015

- Fiscal 2013 Activities Review and Plan for Fiscal 2014

- Fiscal 2012 Activities Review and Plan for Fiscal 2013

Values Ricoh Delivers

Providing Values
<A series of articles about ISMS> Shift of Focus from "Conformity" to "Effectiveness" in ISMS Auditing

1. Problems Related to the ISMS Internal Audit
-What caused the internal auditors to become so fussy?

2. We Cannot Deal with Invisible Issues
-Visualization of Information Security Risks

3. Auditing for Maintenance and Development of Business
-Actual Audits on Effectiveness