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What's New - 2011


Jun. 30 .2011

Second Renewal Audit for ISMS Completed

Since obtaining ISMS certification in 2004, the Ricoh Group has been examined every year. In addition, the Group was audited for renewal of certification in 2007 and 2010. The 2010 audit was conducted between August 18 and November 17 in offices all over the world, and as a result the second renewal process for certification registration was completed as of December 9. An important aspect of the renewal audit was whether continuous improvements had been made, in addition to the operation of ISMS.

This indicates that the information security management system established to date has been confirmed as being continuously reviewed for the achievement of its purposes, and as enabling us to undertake appropriate security management to solve various issues.

This is an outcome of the efforts made by the Ricoh Group in the past seven years of information security activities, including using originality and ingenuity in terms of the security measures within the Group, such as the establishment of the common standards for the Group companies and the widespread implementation of education, as well as the maintenance and enhancement of information security levels.

Of particular note is the fact that Ricoh Family Group Information Security Measures (RFG ISMeasures), which stipulate the security requirements for all Group companies and the compliance levels, have been established for cultivating and enhancing the structure oriented toward information security. Efforts have been made since April 2007 to disseminate the Standards and ensure that they take root.

Information security measures, which used to be implemented separately by each organization and therefore resulted in dispersion in terms of content, have been standardized. The security levels for the entire Group have been improved sequentially, maintaining stable levels.