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ISMS Certification

Obtaining ISMS Certification in Japan and Overseas

Present State of ISMS Certification of the Ricoh Group

ISMS certification logos

The Ricoh Group obtained unified ISMS certification in December 2004 and has since successfully updated its certification by passing annual and triennial renewal audits performed by external auditors. In fiscal 2013, the Group underwent its third renewal audit, successfully updating its certification.

A total of 66 Ricoh Group companies–19 in Japan and 47 overseas–currently hold certification (as of December 2013). No additional Ricoh Group companies acquired certification during fiscal 2013.

Unified ISMS certificate
Unified ISMS certificate

These comprise sales companies, including service support, logistics and financial service companies, as well as manufacturing companies. Audits were conducted in each company.

As for the Ricoh Group Registration Scope, please refer to the list of Ricoh ISMS registration scope provided by BSI Group Japan K.K., a certification body.

List of Ricoh ISMS registration scope: