Troubleshooting / Failure diagnosis


  • I cannot take a picture with a memory card and an error code appears.


Follow the instructions below one by one to find the cause of the problem.

  1. 1.Test to take a picture in the internal memory. If it works, there may be something wrong with the card that you use.
    • 1)Turn off the camera and remove a memory card in a camera.
    • 2)Turn on the camera and take a picture in the internal memory.
  2. 2.Check the memory card that you use.
    • 1)The card may be facing the wrong way. Load correctly.
    • 2)Format the card in a camera.
      [Note for formatting] Formatting a card erases all pictures in in the card. If any pictures that you need stored in the card, download them to a computer first.
      If there is some difficulty to connect a camera to a computer, it is better to download pictures using a memory card reader/writer.
    • 3)If you fail formatting a card in a camera, try taking a picture in the internal memory with the above (1), or try with another memory card.
  3. 3.If you have the other memory cards, try again with another one.
  4. 4.For some models, a firmware update will be available. If your model is listed, try updating the firmware to the latest version.
  5. Software downloads

For the details on the procedure of formatting a memory card/the internal memory, or on the camera operations, please consult your Camera User Guide.


If the above steps will not help, there may be something wrong with your camera. Please check the documentation that came with your camera for a service contact. Or find a local contact from the following site.

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