Troubleshooting / Failure diagnosis


  • I cannot connect a camera to a computer.


It will be thought various factors, other than a camera itself. Here are some hints of a solution.

1. Consult your operating manual and follow the instructions.

  • Software documentation may be provided an electronic document (PDF) and which will be contained in the CD-ROM disc that came with your camera.
  • Ensure if an USB cable is properly connected. Remove it once and connect it again. If your computer has several USB ports, try connecting to the other port.


2. Check the OS compatibility, the information is available from the following site.


3. Review some basic things below.

If you want to use the Ricoh Gate La/Caplio Mounter to connect a camera to a computer;

If both the operating system and your camera are compatible with the USB mass storage connections, you can connect a camera to a computer without any Ricoh software.
See the following FAQ on the compatibility.


4. Check with the latest firmware.

For some models, a firmware update is available from the download site. If your camera is listed, try updating the firmware to the latest version.
Information on how to check the current firmware version is also available in respective download pages.


5. If you use a memory card and you have a memory card reader/writer;

Try using a memory card reader/writer to download pictures to a computer. With this way you do not have to connect a camera to a computer.
About how to download pictures with a memory card reader/writer, consult to the documentation of the memory card reader/writer.


6. If you have another computer;

Try connecting a camera to the other computer if it work. In this case, review the tips the 1- 3 above.


If the above steps will not help, there may be something wrong with your camera. Please check the documentation that came with your camera for a service contact. Or find a local contact from the following site.

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