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[Question] What is the [Cross Process] in the Premium Shot mode ?

This mode takes a picture with colors that differ markedly from those of the actual subject. The colors can be selected using the [Hue] option from [Basic], [Magenta], or [Yellow].

Cross process image
Cross process example (left), normal image example (right)

The Cross Process mode is located in the Premium Shot mode.

Premium Shot mode > Cross process

For the Premium Shot mode operations, see the FAQ below.
About the Premium Shot Modes.

Cross Process mode operations

  • 1In the Cross Process mode, pressing Exposure button button will display the bar in the screen to adjust the brightness.

    Exposure button

  • 2Use the Premium button (up) and Exposure button button (down) to adjust the brightness, then press the MENU/OK button to fix the setting. You will be ready to take a picture.

    Brightness adjustment

Changing the color (Hue)

  • Cross process color is selectable from [Basic], [Magenta], or [Yellow] in the Shooting menu.
  •  Basic, Magenta, Yellow options

[Plus Normal Shooting option]

  • [Plus Normal Shooting] option is available in the Shooting menu. If it is set to [On], the camera will record two images by adding an image taken with normal shooting to an image take with cross process effect.

    Plus Normal Shooting


Available settings/options vary depending on the shooting mode.
Available [Shooting menu] chart in each shooting mode.

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