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[Question] About the Shooting menu operations.

In order to configure respective shooting setting options, go to the Shooting menu.

Operating procedure

  • 1 Press the MENU/OK button in a shooting mode.

    MENU/OK button

  • If the Quick shooting menu is displayed, choose the [Adv. shooting options] with left, right buttons, and press the MENU/OK button.

    Quick shooting menu

  • 2 The [Shooting] menu will appear. Displayed items will vary depending on a shooting mode.

    Example of the Shooting menu

  • 3 Use the [PREMIUM] button or the [Exposure] button exposure button to choose a setting option. To show the options, use right button.

    Premium button
    PREMIUM button

  • Exposure button
    Exposure button
  • Example : selected [Continuous Mode]

    Continuous mode example

  • 4 Use [PREMIUM] button or the [Exposure] button exposure button to choose an option and press the MENU/OK button.
  • The selected option is fixed and the screen returns to the shooting screen.
  • If left button is pressed instead of the MENU/OK button, it will return to the screen in the step 2. If you want to change the other option, follow the step 3 through 4.
Caution [Information]

Displayed items will vary depending on the shooting mode.

The items that can be set for each shooting mode are shown below.

[Setting options in the Shooting menu]

Setting items Options [Default]
Picture Quality/Size [ [16M] 4:3], [14M] 3:2, [12M] 1:1, [12M] 16:9, [10M] 4:3, [5M] 4:3, [1M] 4:3, [VGA] 4:3
  • * [Hand-Held Night Scn] Premium shot mode : fixed [4M] 4:3
  • * [Auction] Premium shot mode : fixed [1M] 4:3
  • * [Skew Correct Mode] Premium shot mode : selectable from [1M] 4:3 or [VGA] 4:3
Continuous Mode *1 [Off], Continuous, S-Cont, M-Cont
Focus *2 [Multi AF], Face Pr., Tracking Subj., Spot AF
Exposure Metering [Multi], Center, Spot
Image Settings Vivid, [Standard], Natural
Super Resolution [Off], On
White Balance Auto, [Multi-P Auto], Outdoors, Cloudy, Incand.1, Incand.2, Fluorescent, Manual
ISO Setting [AUTO], ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200
Maximum for ISO Auto AUTO 200, AUTO 400, AUTO 800, [AUTO 1600], AUTO 3200
Exposure Compensation +2.0, +1.7, +1.3, +1.0, +0.7, +0.3, [0.0], -0.3, -0.7, -1.0, -1.3, -1.7, -2.0 (1/3EV increments)
Movie Size *3 [ [HD]1280], [VGA]640
Red-eye reduction [Off], On
Pre-AF Off, [On]
Shake Correction Off, [On]
Date Imprint [OFF], Date, Date and Time
Plus Normal Shooting *4 [OFF], On
Soft Focus Options *5 [Strong], Weak
Hue *6 [Basic], Magenta, Yellow
Vignetting *7 OFF, Strong, [Weak]
Toy Color *8 OFF, [On]
Reset premium shot settings *9 -- (choose from Yes / No)
Restore Default *10 -- (choose from Yes / No)
  • *1)When an option other than [Off] is selected, even if [Multi-P Auto] is set in white balance, it works as [Auto]. Flash turns off.
  • If [S-Cont] or [M-Cont] is selected, ISO works as [Auto] even if [ISO 100] or [ISO 200] is selected for ISO setting. Image size is fixed at [[16M] 4:3].
  • About the Continuous mode (Normal Continuous, M-Cont, S-Cont).
  • *2)[Spot AF] is used if [Multi AF] is selected during digital zoom. When [Face Pri.] is selected, the camera automatically optimizes white balance and no icon is displayed. If no face is detected, the camera focuses using [Multi AF].
  • *3)This option is used for movie shooting.
  • *4)When [On] is selected, the camera records two images in the following premium shot modes; [Miniaturized], [Toy Camera], [High Contrast B&W], [Soft Focus], [Cross Process], [Black & White], and [Sepia]. One is the effected image in the premium shot modes, and the other is unprocessed copy of them.
  • *5)The options at [Soft Focus] premium shot mode to choose the amount of softening.
  • *6)The options at [Cross Process] premium shot mode to change the hue.
  • *7)The options at [Toy Camera] premium shot mode to choose the amount of vignetting.
  • *8)Setting [On] increases saturation in [Toy Camera] premium shot mode.
  • *9)It is to reset premium shot settings to their default values.
  • *10)It is to restore shooting menu settings to their default values.

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