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[Question] Is there a HDMI output terminal available ?

Yes, the RICOH PX has the HDMI micro output terminal (type D).

HDMI output terminal

The HDMI cable is optional.
[RICOH PX optional accessories]

HDMI output setting

There are some options for video output resolution. Available options are [AUTO], [1080i], [720p], and [480p]. Choose the [AUTO] option for normal use. If the video resolution actually shown on the TV is low with the [AUTO] option, changing other options may make a better quality.

HDMI output

  • If connecting or disconnecting the HDMI cable in the thumbnail view of the playback mode, the display switches to the single frame view. In the situation, turning the zoom lever makes the display to the thumbnail view. When the menu is displayed, it will not switch to single frame view even if connecting or disconnecting the HDMI cable.
  • When connecting the camera to a television using a HDMI cable, movie sounds output from a television, but operational sounds output from the camera.
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Date created: June 10, 2011
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Product: RICOH PX
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Category: Hardware specifications
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