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[Question] How to playback pictures/movies from the RICOH PX on a television:

Pictures/Movies from the RICOH PX can be played back on a TV.
The camera displays everything on the TV screen just as the image/movie would appear on display of the camera. In order to view them on the TV screen, connect the camera to the TV using a cable.

The RICOH PX has two output terminals for viewing them on a television;
(1) one is the common terminal for USB / AV output terminal,
(2) the other is the HDMI micro output terminal.

The AV cable for (1) is supplied in the package. The HDMI cable for (2) is optional.
[Does the RICOH PX package contain a cable to connect with a television ?]

How to connect to a television

  • 1 Turn the camera power off.
  • 2 If you use the supplied AV cable, connect the cable to the common USB / AV output terminal on the camera. If you use the optional HDMI cable (HC-1), connect the cable to the HDMI micro output terminal on the camera.


  • 3 Securely connect the cable to the television.
  • If you use the supplied AV cable;
    • Connect the white plug of the AV cable to the audio input terminal (white) of the TV, and connect the yellow plug of the AV cable to the video input terminal (yellow) of the TV.

      Securely connect the AV cable to the video/audio input terminals on the television.

  • 4 Set the television to Video Mode (set the input to Video).
    • Consult the manual of the television for the details.
  • 5 Press and hold the playback button Playback button of the camera to turn it on.

    Playback button

  • 6 Pictures in the camera will be displayed on the TV screen. The playback operation is the same as operations to playback them in the camera.


  • Whenever using the common terminal for USB port / AV output, or the HDMI micro output terminal, use the specific cable for the terminal. It can result in malfunction if using the other cables, or connecting a wrong terminal on the camera.
  • When connecting the camera to a television using a HDMI cable, movie sounds output from a television, but operational sounds output from the camera.
  • Use care when connecting a cable into the terminal.
  • Do not use excessive force while a cable is connected.
  • While the camera is connected with a cable be sure not to use the cable alone to move the camera.

Memo [Memo]

  • There is an option available to record the captured contents in the camera simply by connecting a cable to the video input terminals of the video recorder.
  • The camera supports the following video standards: [NTSC], [PAL]. The default setting of the video mode varies depending on where you purchased the camera. Choose the appropriate video mode for your country before connecting the camera. The video mode is located in the Setup menu in the camera.
  • If connecting or disconnecting the HDMI cable in multi-frame views of the playback mode, the display switches to single-frame view. When the menu is displayed, it will not switch to single-frame view even if connecting or disconnecting the HDMI cable.
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Date created: June 10, 2011
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