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[Question] What camera case option is available ?

The protective jacket in 5 colors is available.
They are optional accessories, and the package does not include a case.
The jacket are made with non-slip material for a secure grip.

From the left; yellow, pink, blue, brown, and white

Model name Model number
Protective jacket - Yellow PJ-1YL
Protective jacket - Pink PJ-1PK
Protective jacket - Blue PJ-1BL
Protective jacket - Brown PJ-1BR
Protective jacket - White PJ-1WH

  • *Material : urethane rubber

Some options may not be available in some regions. Please ask a local contact from the following FAQ.
[Where can I purchase a RICOH PX camera or accessories ? ]

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Date created: June 10, 2011
Date modified: June 13, 2011
Product: RICOH PX
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