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[Question] About the Continuous mode (Normal Continuous, M-Cont, and S-Cont).

There are three types of continuous shooting available - Normal continuous shooting, M-Cont (memory-reversal continuous), and S-Cont (stream continuous).

[Normal Continuous]

Pictures continue to be taken for as long as you hold down the shutter release button. Images are recorded one at a time, just as in normal shooting. A captured image is recorded as a single jpg file per an image.
Multi shot speed : Max. 1 frame / sec. in every image size (with a high speed SD card)

Normal continuous

  • The maximum number of images that can be shot in continuous mode will vary depending on the image size setting.
  • When [Card Sequence No.] is set to [On], and the last 4 digits of the file number exceed "9999" during continuous shooting, a separate folder is created in the SD memory card and successive pictures taken in continuous mode are stored in this folder.

[S-Cont] (stream continuous)

With just one full-press of the shutter release button, you can take 16 consecutive frames at intervals of 1/7.5 seconds in about 2 seconds.


The 16 frames are grouped together as a set and are recorded as one image file (4608 x 3456 pixels).


[M-Cont] (memory-reversal continuous)

The camera memorizes the scene while you hold down the shutter release button, and once you release it, the previous 16 frames (about 2 seconds) are recorded. The 16 frames are grouped together as a set and are recorded as one image file (4608 x 3456 pixels).


If you release the shutter button earlier in 2 seconds, the entire frames from pressing to releasing the shutter button will be recorded. The number of consecutive frames will be less than 16.


Continuous mode setting


  • [Continuous] option is located in the Shooting menu > [Continuous].
  • Continuous mode
  • In S-Cont, or M-Cont, digital zoom option becomes enabled even if you set [Auto Resize] in the [Digital Zoom Image] in the Setup menu.
  • Turning the camera off resets [Continuous Mode] to [Off].
  • In Continuous mode, the flash turns off automatically, and focus and exposure are fixed with the first shot in each series.
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