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[Question] About the flash.

Use the flash dial to switch between three flash modes. The red-eye reduction option is located in the shooting menu.

Flash dial    Red-eye reduction

[Flash Modes]

Symbol Mode Description
Flash Off Flash Off The flash will not fire. Turn the flash dial to [Off].
Auto Auto The flash fires automatically when the subject is poorly lit or backlit. Turn the flash dial to [Auto].
Flash On Flash On * The flash fires regardless of the lighting conditions. Turn the flash dial to [On].
* Note that the flash may not fire depending on the shooting mode or the options selected in the Shooting menu.

Red-Eye Flash Red-Eye Reduction Reduces the red-eye phenomenon that makes people's eyes appear red in pictures.
To enable this feature, go to the Shooting menu > [Red-eye Reduction] > [On], and make the flash dial to [On] or [Auto].
* If [Red-Eye Reduction] is [On], the symbol displayed in the screen varies depending on the flash mode dial position.

[Built-in Flash Range]

Wide-angle Approx. 20 cm to 3.5 m (from the front of the camera)
(at ISO Auto / Maximum for ISO Auto 1600)
Telephoto Approx. 50 cm to 3.0 m (from the front of the camera)
(at ISO Auto / Maximum for ISO Auto 1600)

Note on flash usage

Note [Attention]
  • The flash mode icon will blink for about 5 seconds while the flash charges. You cannot take a picture until charging is complete and the icon stops blinking.
  • When using the flash, the startup time of the camera may take longer until the camera is ready to shoot from when the camera is turned on.

Memo [Memo]
  • The auxiliary flash fires to increase the AE accuracy.
  • The flash does not fire in the following modes or shooting, like; movie shooting, or the Continuous mode.
  • See the FAQ below for the flash usage limitations in each shooting mode.
  • Available [Shooting menu] chart in each shooting mode.
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Date created: June 10, 2011
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