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[Question] About movie shooting.

You can shoot movies with sound. Just pressing the movie button starts movie shooting.

movie button

By pressing the movie button, the camera will switch to the movie mode and set focus and exposure, and begin recording a movie, even in the Normal shooting mode or in the Premium shot mode.

In the screen, REC will blink and the recording time and remaining recording time will be displayed while recording.
Press movie button again to end recording. Each movie you shoot is recorded as an AVI file.

caution Caution
  • While shooting movies, operating sounds may be recorded.
  • The maximum recording time available per shooting is up to 29 minutes (or up to 4 GB even if it will not reach 29 minutes).
    • Actual time available depends on the size of your memory card. Even if you are within the maximum shooting time, recording may end depending on your card.
  • If you shoot under a fluorescent light, the light flickering may be recorded as a horizontal band.
  • The maximum digital zoom available during movie recording is 2.8x for HD 1280, and 4.0x for VGA 640.

How to change movie size

The option for movie size is located in the shooting menu. HD 1280 is set as default.

movie size

  • While shooting movies, only digital zoom can be used.
    [Does optical zoom feature work while shooting movies ?]
  • Subject tracking AF cannot be used.
  • The camera shoots movies at 30 frames per second.
  • The remaining recording time may not change uniformly because it is recalculated from the remaining memory capacity during movie recording.
  • Depending on the remaining battery level, the battery may become depleted during movie shooting. Use of a battery with adequate remaining power.
  • Use of a high speed SD memory card with sufficient memory is recommended when shooting for long periods.
  • For shooting a movie with HD 1280 (1280 x 720), it is recommended the usage of SD/SDHC card with Class 6 or greater (SD Speed Class). Otherwise the movie with HD 1280 (1280 x 720) may not be correctly played back in the camera depending on the memory card, due to the effect of readout speed of the captured movie.
  • SDXC cards are not supported.
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