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[Question] About rating pictures (favorites Favorites )

Pictures in the camera can be given a rating with a star as Favorites in the Playback mode. The favorite pictures can be played back quickly. Also they can be set protection from accidental deletion.
Rating is to give a star ([Favorites] to [Favorites Favorites Favorites]).

Rating pictures

  • 1 Press the Playback button to go to the playback mode.

    Playback button

  • 2 Using left, right buttons, display the picture that you want to register to the Favorites.
  • 3 In the Single-frame view, pressing the PREMIUM button or the [Exposure] button exposure button will display [ up, down Up/down: Rate] and give the current picture a rating of from 1 to 3 stars Favorites.

    * Ratings can be set for up to 9,999 pictures.

Playback Favorites

  • 1 Press Favorites button Favorites in the Playback mode.

    Movie / Favorites button

  • 2 View favorites window will be displayed.
    Use the [PREMIUM] button or the [Exposure] button exposure button to choose the desired rating, and press the MENU/OK button.
    Only favorite pictures with selected rating will be displayed.

    Continuous mode example

  • [All ratings] selection displays all of the favorite pictures. Pressing favorite button Favorites again in viewing favorites returns to normal playback mode.

Note [Note]

  • Favorites can be displayed in single- or 20-frame view with the zoom lever.
  • Ratings can be changed while favorites are displayed. The new rating will be reflected the next time favorites are displayed.
  • Favorite pictures can be re-ordered in the favorite display.
  • How to rearrange the order of Favorites.

[Auto-protect setting for Favorites]

  • 1Go to the Setup menu > [Auto-protect faves], and press right button to show the option.
  • Auto-protect favorites
  • About the Setup menu operations.
  • 2Choose [On] with the PREMIUM button.

    Premium button

  • 3Press the MENU/OK button to confirm the protect setting.

    MENU/OK button

  • 4 With this setting, favorite pictures are automatically protected from accidental deletion. If you want to delete favorite pictures, change this option to [Off] in the step 1 once to release the protection, then delete a picture.
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Date created: June 10, 2011
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