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[Question] About the Premium Shot Modes.

The Premium Shot mode allows you to select from 23 types of still image modes.

Premium Shot Modes

Symbol Mode Description
Cooking Cooking This mode will be useful when taking a picture of food or cooking. Pressing down button displays the screen for cooking picture settings. Press up down directions to adjust the brightness, and left right directions to adjust the color (hue).
What is the [Cooking] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Sweets Sweets Pictures are taken with a white frame (oval or square). The edges between the frame and the picture is artfully blurred.
What is the [Sweets] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Auction Auction This mode combines several images to composite with a selected layout into a single picture.
What is the [Auction] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Party Party For indoor scenes. Both the subject and background will be captured in brightly even using a flash.
Hand-Held Night Scn Hand-Held Night Scn This mode reduces blur caused by camera shake of night scenes.
What is the [Hand-Held Night Scn] in the Premium Shot mode ?
P mode P mode Choose this mode for access to nearly all options in the shooting menu when you want to adjust settings manually.
What is the [P] mode in the Premium Shot mode ?
Portrait Portrait Use for portraits. The camera automatically detects faces (up to 8) and adjust focus, brightness, and color.
The camera may not be able to recognized faces in the following cases:

  • When the face is side-view, tilted, or moving
  • When the camera is tilted or upside down (the shutter release button is facing down)
  • When the face is partially hidden or at the edge of the frame
  • When the face is not clearly visible because of dark surroundings
  • When the subject is too far away (Make sure that the face appearing in the picture display is vertically longer than 1 block marked by the 3 x 3 grid guide.)
Night Portrait Night Portrait For portraits that include night scenes. The flash fires automatically. The shutter speed slows down, so be careful of camera shake.
Loupe Loupe Automatically optimizes the zoom position to shooting the subject larger than with normal close-up photography. The optical zoom cannot be used in this mode.
Landscape Landscape Use when taking scenery pictures with abundant greenery or blue sky.
Beach Beach Use for taking bright portraits on sunlit beaches or other brightly-lit expanses of sand.
What is the [Beach] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Snow Snow Reproduce natural lighting in shots of snowfields, with portrait subjects correctly exposed.
What is the [Snow] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Sports Sports Use when taking pictures of moving object.
Fireworks Fireworks This mode will be useful for fireworks scenes. This mode fixes to the following settings; Focus > ∞ (infinity), ISO 100, White balance > AUTO. Press down to choose the exposure time from [2 seconds], [4 seconds] (default), and [8 seconds]. When shooting in this mode, hold the camera steady by using a tripod.
What is the [Fireworks] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Skew Correct Mode Skew Correct Mode Use to straighten a rectangular object, such as a message board or business card, that has been shot at an angle. This mode makes it look as if the picture has been shot squarely.
Skew Correct Mode
In Skew Correct mode, choose from [[1M] 4:3] or [[VGA] 4:3] for [Picture Quality/Size].
Pets Pets Use to take a picture of cats and other pets. The flash, AF auxiliary light, and operation sounds turn off, regardless of configured settings on them.
What is the [Pets] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Miniaturize Miniaturize For capturing an image that appear to be a picture of dioramas.
What is the [Miniaturize] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Toy Camera Toy Camera This mode takes a picture with high contrast, saturated colors associated with toy cameras. The created picture has effects of distortion, vignetting (captured with darkness in the four corners). Options for them are available in the Shooting menu; [Vignetting] is to choose the amount of vignetting, [Toy Color] is to choose the amount of saturation.
What is the [Toy Camera] in the Premium Shot mode ?
High Contrast B&W High Contrast B&W For taking a higher contrast B&W picture than those in normal B&W mode. Produces grainy images similar to those taken with highly sensitive film or grain film developing.
What is the [High Contrast B&W] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Soft Focus Soft Focus This mode produces an image with soft focus effects similar to those created by soft focus lenses. The amount of softening can be selected using the [Soft Focus Options] in the Shooting menu.
What is the [Soft Focus] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Cross Process Cross Process This mode takes a picture with colors that differ markedly from those of the actual subject. The colors can be selected using the [Hue] option in the Shooting menu.
What is the [Cross Process] in the Premium Shot mode ?
Black & White Black & White Creates a black and white picture.
Sepia Sepia Creates a sepia-toned picture.
MY MY1 - MY5 You can register the settings that you made as a new mode. MY registration is available from both shooting mode and playback mode.
About [MY] in the Premium Shot Selection.

Available settings by pressing Exposure button button

Exposure button

Mode Adjustable settings
Cooking / Sweets / Auction Brightness, hue
Fireworks Exposure time
Miniaturize Miniaturization options
Other modes Brightness

Premium Shot operations

  • 1 Press the [PREMIUM] button in a shooting mode. Premium Shot Selection (favorites) screen will be displayed.

    PREMIUM button

  • 2 There are two styles in the Premium Shot Selection; [Favorites], and [All]. Pressing up/down directions (PREMIUM button or Exposure button) switch between [Favorite] and [All].
  • Premium shot selection (favorites)
    * Premium shot selection (favorite) example. The displayed modes can be changed.

  • All
    * Premium shot selection (all) example.

  • 3 Press Left/Right buttons to choose a premium shot mode. Press the MENU/OK button.

    MENU/OK button

  • * In [Sweets], or [Auction], you will be asked additional options (a frame or layout). Choose a option with Left/Right buttons, and then press the MENU/OK button.
  • 4 If a mode of which some options are adjustable is selected, press Exposure button button to show the adjust screen for setting changes.
  • 5 Press the shutter release button to take a picture.

    release shutter button

Hints How to return to the Normal Mode

To exit the Premium shot mode, press Left/Right buttons in the premium shot shooting screen to return to the Normal shooting mode.

Hints Help screen

In the premium shot selection screen, pressing the zoom lever to tele (tele) will display each premium shot help. To exit this help screen, press the MENU/OK button to return to the premium shot selection screen.

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