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[Question] What is the Super Resolution Zoom (SR zoom) ?

Super Resolution is the feature equipped in the RICOH PX. The Super Resolution zoom (SR zoom) technology is applied in the zoom range from 140mm - 280mm (35 mm filmcamera equivalent). Super Resolution zoom captured images have minimal degradation in image quality than digital zoom.

* Simulated image

Super Resolution zoom and Auto Resize zoom

The zoom feature priority is as follows.
  • [Digital Zoom Image] is set to [Normal] : The Super Resolution zoom always work in the zoom range from 140mm - 280mm.
  • [Digital Zoom Image] is set to [Auto Resize] : The Auto resize zoom is enabled.

Digital zoom image option

Zoom operation

Move the zoom lever to Tele (Telephoto) for zooming.
When the zoom position reaches the tele-end in the white part (the optical zoom) in the zoom bar, release a finger once from the zoom lever. Moving the zoom lever again to Tele (Telephoto) goes into the Super Resolution zoom, then moving the zoom lever more further to Tele (Telephoto) goes into digital zoom.

Zoom lever

Zoom bar indications

While the Super Resolution zoom is used, SR symbol is displayed next to the Zoom bar. The zoom ratio is displayed in green.

Zoom bar indications
* Example of zoom bar (simulated image)

The zoom bar color means,
White part : optical zoom (5.0x at maximum)
Green part : super resolution zoom ( [SR] 10x at maximum)
yellow part : digital zoom ( [DZ] 48x at maximum)

Optical zoom, Super Resolution zoom, and digital zoom

Zoom Zoom range
(35 mm film camera
Zoom bar
Optical zoom 28 - 140 mm in white No icon
Super Resolution zoom 140 - 280 mm in green [SR]
Digital zoom 280 - 1344 mm in green [SR] / [DZ]
* [SR] : Super Resolution zoom
* [DZ] : Digital zoom


  • SR zoom is enabled when the [Digital Zoom Image] is set to [Normal] (default) in the Setup menu.
  • [About the Setup menu operations.]
  • If [Super Resolution] is set to [On] in the Shooting menu, the [SR] icon will be displayed even in the optical zoom range.
  • [What is the Super Resolution feature ?]
  • The SR zoom is unavailable in the Movie mode or Continuous Mode.
  • The SR zoom is unavailable in the following Premium shot modes.
    [Cross Process], [Soft Focus], [Toy Camera], [High Contrast B&W], [Miniaturize], [Auction], and [Hand-Held Night Scn].
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