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[Question] Can I take a picture under water ? / About water, dust resistance.

The RICOH PX can be used at a depth of 3 meters, and for 60 minutes for underwater photography.

Waterproof / Dust proof

Waterproof : The RICOH PX conforms to the specifications for JIS/IEC waterproof grade 8.
Dust proof : The RICOH PX conforms to the specifications for JIS/IEC dust proof grade 6 (IP68).


About waterproof

  • Do not use underwater at depths below 3 meters or for more than 60 minutes at a time.
  • Water may seep through the edge between the cover parts after the camera has been used in the rain or cleaning in water. But this is not a problem because they are of double structure.
  • The internal mechanisms of the camera are neither waterproof nor dust proof.
  • The DB-100 battery is not waterproof. Keep dry.
  • If water enter the inside of the camera, remove the battery immediately and contact a local service.

Safety Precautions

  • When opening and closing the battery/card cover or terminal cover, take care to prevent any water, sand, mud, dust, or other foreign matter that may have adhered to the camera from entering the interior of device. In order to prevent seawater or sand from getting inside, avoid opening or closing the camera at the beach, near the sea, or in sandy soil, if possible.
  • Water droplets may get inside when the cover is opened. Wipe dry before using.
  • Do not leave the camera in places where there are extremes of temperature or humidity, such as in a closed car, at the seashore, or in a bathroom.
  • If any foreign object (metal, water, liquid) gets inside the camera, stop using the camera immediately. Turn the power off, remove the battery and memory card, and consult the store where you purchased the camera, or the service contact.
  • If the camera is dirty or after use at the beach, take the following steps: Make sure the battery/card cover and terminal cover are securely closed. Fill a wash-basin or bowl with tap water (fresh water) and rinse the camera in the water to remove any dirt, sand or salt from the camera. Wipe the camera dry with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, and dry the camera in a shade, airy place. Do not leave the camera without following these steps after using underwater. Otherwise it could impair appearance of the camera, or the water resistance performance.
  • If the rubber packing is dirty, wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. If the rubber packing has anything sticking to it or it is cracked or damaged, it could impair its waterproof performance, resulting in leakage. If dirt cannot be removed or the rubber packing is damaged, contact a local service center to replace the rubber packing.
  • To ensure continued water resistance, it is recommended that the rubber packing be replaced once every 2 years whether it is damaged or not. Replace the rubber packing once a year if you regularly use the camera underwater or in locations exposed to sand or dust.

Caution Note on condensation

In an environment where the temperature changes suddenly, condensation may occur in the product, resulting in troubles such as fogging of the glass surface or malfunctions of the camera. For care, take it out of the bag after the temperature difference from the atmosphere has decreased to a fairly small amount. If condensation occurs, remove the battery and memory card, and wait until the moisture has dried before using the camera.

[The situations that condensation may occur]

  • When the camera is moved to an environment where the temperature differs greatly.
  • In humid places.
  • In a room immediately after being heated, or when the camera is exposed directly to cooled air from an air-conditioner or another similar appliance.
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