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[Question] Is it possible to register the lens name or focal length manually ?

The [Lens name], [Focal length], and [F-aperture] can be registered into My settings.
The registration is available in [Reg. My settings] > [Lens info.]. The items are stored as Exif information.

Lens information registrations

  • 1 Go to [Key Custom Options] tab > [Edit My Settings]. Press the Fn2 button to go to sub menu.
  • Edit My Settings
  • 1-1 Choose the setting you want to edit. If choosing from [MY1] ~ [MY3], items that can edit will be listed.
  • 1-2 If you choose [My Settings Box], then you will be asked the box selection as follows.
  • My setting box
  • Choosing from box [1] ~ [6], then items that can edit will be displayed.

    Edit My box

  • 2 Using [+] [-] buttons (directional pad), choose [Lens Info. Input] and press the Fn button as follow.
  • Lens info.
  • 3 Enter the name in the software keyboard screen below.
  • detail
    • Use [+] [-] [Fn1] [Fn2] buttons to choose a letter. To enter the letter, use the MENU/OK button. Then the letter will be entered into the Name area.
    • To delete a letter, move to the cursor on the letter in the Name area once, then move the cursor to [Delete] in the Keyboard area, and press the MENU/OK button to delete.
    • To enter a blank space between letters, use [Space] in the keyboard.
    • Other operations are as follows.
      • self-timer button button : switch between upper and lower case.
      • [DISP.] button : Cancel the registration.
      • [ADJ.] lever : register the name.
  • 3-1 [Lens Name] : Up to 32 letters can be entered. (up to 32 letters can be displayed in playback.)
  • enter
  • 3-2 [Focal length] : Up to 4 digits can be entered.
  • Focal length
  • 3-3 [F-aperture] : Up to 4 digits can be entered.
  • F number
  • 4 After entering, push [ADJ.] lever to complete the registration.

Usage of the registered information

Since the items are saved as a My setting, change a My setting in mode dial according to the attached lens.
The items that are registered using the [Lens Info. Input] will be reflected into the Exif information in images.

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