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[Question] What external flash unit can be used ?

It is GF-1, the external flash unit that you can use with the GXR.

The Guide No. is 20 (at 24 mm) ~ 30 (at 105 mm), with ISO 100. (At the usage of the built-in wide panel with 24 mm, the G.N. is 16)

The GF-1 is the external flash that supports TTL flash control by pre-flash, especially for the compatible digital cameras listed below. Which has the wide-panel, catch-light panel, and when using the wide-panel, it can cover the wide angle with 18 mm equivalent.

Compatible camera models

The digital cameras that has the Ricoh flash interface (hereafter Type R cameras).

  • (* Filmcameras are not supported.)

GF-1 flash unit

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Major specifications

Guild No. 20 (at 24 mm) ~ 30 (at 105 mm) (ISO 100)
16 (at 24 mm, using the built-in wide panel)
Illumination Coverage 24 ~ 105 mm (18 mm with the wide panel)
Only Type R cameras: Automatically linked to the focal length of the lens as per the auto power zoom
Power Source 4 x AA batteries (not included in a package)
* Lithium batteries and NiMH batteries can be used.
Battery Life Approx. 200 flashes with alkaline batteries (based on Ricoh's own measurements)
Energy Saving Enters stand-by mode after about 2 minutes of the camera entering stand-by mode or being turned off.
Powers off automatically after 30 minutes in stand-by mode.
In slave mode, powers off automatically after 60 minutes without operation.
Flash Interval Approx. 4.7 seconds (with rechargeable Nickel-hydrogen batteries)
Approx. 5 seconds (with alkaline batteries)
Flash Output Adjustment Pre-flash TTL, Ambient light automatic, Manual flash
AF Auxiliary Light Built-in
Color Temperature 5,600K
Flash Duration 1/250 second (full power flash)
1/250 ~ 1/20,000 second (TTL flash)
Slave Flash SLAVE1, SLAVE2 switching
Dimension 65 mm (W) x 95 mm (H) x 80 mm (D)
(2.6 x 3.7 x 3.2 inch)
Weight Approx. 240 g (excluding batteries)
  • * The specifications of the equipment may change without prior notice.
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