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[Question] How to confirm if a lens can be used with the GXR MOUNT A12. / What is the 'lens checker' in the package ?

The GXR MOUNT A12 package contains the 'lens checker'. Please use the lens checker to be sure if your lens can be used prior to attaching it to the GXR MOUNT A12 actually.

Lens checker

How to use the lens checker

  • 1 Line up the holes on the lens checker with the tabs on the lens mount, and slide the lens checker straight onto the lens.

    slide the lens cheker on the lens

  • 2 Place the lens on a flat surface, and check it from the side, edge-on.
    Note Check to make sure that the lens checker and the lens mount side are firmly attached to each other with no gaps.

    check it from the side, edge-on.

  • 3 Like the figures above ;
    • Usable [1] : the lens can be used with the GXR MOUNT A12.
    • Not usable [2] : The lens is sticking out of the top of the checker -- the lens cannot be used with the GXR MOUNT A12.
    • Not usable [3] : There are gaps between the lens checker and the lens mount side -- the lens cannot be used with the GXR MOUNT A12.

Note [Caution]

  • Forcibly attaching the lens mount unit to a lens that cannot be atached may cause the lens or lens mount unit to be scratched or damaged.
  • Do not attempt to forcibly push the lens checker onto the lens mount. Handle with care so as not to scrach or othersiwe damage the lens when attaching it.
  • With retractable lensse, be sure to check the lens with it tracted.
  • The information on lenses that can be attached to the lens mount unit is available from :
  • [GXR MOUNT A12 product information - Mounting Check Result for Each Lens]
  • However, there may be a case that a lens may not be available for attachement depending on its conditions, even if it is listed. Please make sure to confirm in advance whether it can be attached using the checker.
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