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RICOH LENS A16 24-85 mm : Details on the My Settings modes.

The My Settings function makes it easy to shoot using your favorite combination of settings. You can register 3 groups of settings as "My Settings". Turing the mode dial to [MY1], [MY2], or [MY3] allows to shoot with the settings registered in advance.

Mode dial : [MY1], [MY2], or [MY3]

And, 6 groups of settings can be saved in [My Settings Box]. Each group can be assigned to [MY1], [MY2] or [MY3] on the mode dial.

When you are shooting in a My Settings mode, you can change the settings of menu items in the shooting and the setup menu. If you switch mode or turn the camera off, the settings in My settings are returned to the original [MY1], [MY2] or [MY3] settings.

My Setting Registrations

  • 1 Change the camera settings to the settings that you want to register as "My Settings".
  • 2 Go to menu > [Key Custom Options] tab > [Reg. My Settings] as follows.

    Reg My settings

  • 3 Press the [Fn2] button. You will be asked a destination for the registration. Choose MY1 ~ MY3 and press the MENU/OK button.

    Choose a destination.

  • 4 You will be ready to use the My setting on the mode dial.

Save the setting to My Setting Box

  • 1 In order to save the setting to My Setting Box, choose [My Settings Box] in the [Reg. My Settings] screen, and press the Fn2 button.

    My setting box

  • 2 Choose a destination from boxes 1 ~ 6, and press MENU/OK button.


  • 3 If an unnamed box is selected, the box name is saved as ['date and time' Set] like below.

    date and time

  • If the box that has been named is selected, you will be asked the name setting. Choosing [Yes] will be saved in the same name. If [No] is selected, the name will be overwritten with the current ['date and time' Set].
  • Use the DISP. button to cancel the registration.

Save the setting to Card

The settings can also be saved into an sd card.
The procedures are the same as the [Save the setting to My Setting Box] above, if you choose [Card] for the destination in the step 1, up to 6 groups of settings can be saved into the card in the camera.

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Date created: February 29, 2012
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Product: GXR (RICOH LENS A16 24-85mm F3.5-F5.5)
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