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RICOH LENS A16 24-85 mm : Details on the White balance modes.

You can choose a white balance mode so that a white subject will appear white. The default white balance mode is [Multi-P AUTO]. Change the setting in situations where the white balance is difficult to adjust effectively, such as when shooting an object of a single color or when shooting under multiple light sources.

White Balance Modes

Symbol Mode Description
(no symbol)
Auto Adjusts the white balance automatically.
Multi-P Auto Multi-P AUTO The camera automatically selects the optimal white balance according to the conditions of sun and shade or the flash illumination range.
Outdoors Outdoors Select this when shooting outdoors (sunny).
Cloudy Cloudy Select this when shooting in cloudy weather or in shady conditions.
Incandescent 1 Incandescent 1 Select this when shooting under incandescent light.
Incandescent 2 Incandescent 2 Select this when shooting under incandescent light (more reddish than [Incandescent 1]).
Fluorescent Lamp Fluorescent Lamp Select this when shooting under fluorescent light.
Manual Settings Manual Settings Adjust the balance manually.
Detail Detail 16 levels options are selectable, including settings close to [Incandescent Lamp], [Outdoors] and [Cloudy].

The above symbols are displayed on the picture display after white balance mode settings have been made.

Note There is another way to adjust color tones by using [Whilte Balance Compensation].
Can I adjust the color tone at shooting ? (White balance compensation)

White Balance mode changes

The white balance setting changes are available in the Shooting menu, or by using the ADJ. lever.
Details on the Shooting menu.

Operating procedure with the ADJ. Lever

  • 1 Press the ADJ. lever, and then either push the ADJ. lever to the left or right, or press the Fn1 / Fn2 buttons until the white balance menu appears.
  • ADJ. lever
  • 2White balance options will be displayed like below.
  • Select a white balance mode
  • 3 Select a white balance mode using [+] or [-] buttons. You can also now shoot by pressing the shutter release button. Press the [MENU/OK] button or the ADJ. lever. It will return to the shooting screen, and the symbol of the selected white balance mode is displayed on the screen.

Note Note

  • The white balance may not be adjusted correctly for a subject that is not sufficiently white, or that is mostly dark. In this case, add something white to the subject.
  • When shooting with the flash, the white balance may not be adjusted correctly if [AUTO] is not selected. In this case, switch to [AUTO] to shoot with the flash.
  • In the Continuous mode, even if [Multi-P AUTO] has already been selected, the white balance is changed to [AUTO] automatically.

[M] Manual Settings

Set white balance manually as follows.

  • 1 Choose [M] from the White balance mode options, and point the camera at a piece of paper, or something white, under the lighting conditions for shooting. Then press the [DISP.] button.
  • 2 White balance will be set, the screen will be re-displayed.
  • 3 Press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • 4 It returns to the shooting screen and the [M] symbol appears on the screen. If the result is not as expected, repeat steps 1~3 to change the settings as many times as required.

[CT] Detail

In [Detail] option, Select a value in 16 levels options, including settings close to [Incandescent Lamp], [Outdoors] and [Cloudy].

  • 1 Choose [CT] from the White balance mode options, and press the [DISP.] button
  • 2 The white balance detailed settings screen appears. Press [+] [-] buttons to select a setting, and then press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • White balance detailed settings screen
  • 3 It returns to the shooting screen and the [CT] symbol appears on the screen.
    To exit [Detail], select a mode other than [CT] in step 1.
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