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RICOH LENS A16 24-85 mm : Can I adjust the color tone at shooting ? (White balance compensation)

You can adjust the green (G), magenta (M), blue (B) or amber (A) color tones in advance, and then take a picture with the corrected color tones.

Operating procedures

  • 1 Go to [Shooting] menu > [White balance compensation].
  • WB comp.
  • Details on the Shooting menu.
  • 2 The white balance compensation map is displayed at the lower left.
  • White balance comp. screen
  • 3 Press [+] [-] [Fn1] [Fn2] buttons (Directional pad) to move the pointer (circled in white in the below) in the white balance compensation map.
  • WB Comp. map

    • You can make the cursor sidle by pressing the oblique direction on the directional pad.
    • Color tones will be compensated according to the cursor movement.
    • To reset white balance compensation to a neutral value, press the [DISP.] button.
    • To cancel the set white balance compensation, press the [DISP.] button twice (one is to reset, the other is to exit).
    • The modifications remain if you change the White Balance mode. For example; once you have moved the cursor toward blue with 2 points, the amount of movements are reflected to [Auto], [Outdoor], etc. in the White Balance modes.
  • 4 Press the MENU/OK button. The symbol for the white balance compensation will be displayed in the screen. The symbol will vary depending on the selected white balance mode.

Symbol for White balance compensation
(in the screen)
White balance mode that is selected
wb auto Auto
Multi-P AUTO Multi-P AUTO
Outdoors Outdoors
Cloudy Cloudy
Incandescent 1 Incandescent 1
Incandescent 2 Incandescent 2
Fluorescent Lamp Fluorescent Lamp
Manual Settings Manual Settings
Detail Detail

See below for White balance modes.

Details on the White balance modes.

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Product: GXR (RICOH LENS A16 24-85mm F3.5-F5.5)
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