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[Question] About controlling the flash manually (Manual Flash Amount).

Regardless of the AE setting of camera, you can manually configure light intensity of the internal flash from [FULL] to [1/64] in 1/2 EV increments. Which will allow you to fix light intensity, not being affected by reflectance of the subject nor background.
Since this mode will not do a pre-flash, it will reduce time lag. It will be useful for taking a picture of flying insects.

The following are the flash amount that can be set, a value is of the maximum amount.

[FULL], [1/1.4], [1/2], [1/2.8], [1/4], [1/5.6],
[1/8], [1/11], [1/16], [1/22], [1/32], [1/64]

The value that is configured with [Manual Flash Amount] is available only when the flash mode is set to [Manual Flash].

The following is the setting procedure.

1. Press [OPEN/] button to pop-up the flash cover in advance. Flash will not work without opening the flash cover.

Pop-up the flash cover.

2. Press the [OPEN/flash] button to change the flash mode to [Manual flash].

Press the flash button to change the flash mode.

3. In a shooting mode, press [MENU/OK] button to show the shooting setting menu.

4. Choose [Manual Flash Amount] with [+] [-] buttons, press the [Fn2] button.

5. Choose a flash amount option with [+] [-] buttons, and press the [MENU/OK] button. Or press the [Fn1] button once and then press the [MENU/OK] button.

Manual Flash Amount


The selected option of flash amount will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

The procedures 1 ~ 2 can be done after doing the procedures 3 ~ 5.

  • If the [Manual Flash] is set in the flash mode, the [Flash Manual Amount] setting is enabled, but the value in [Flash exposure compensation] is disabled.
  • The value in the [Flash Manual Amount] may differ slightly from the actual flash amount in some case.

  • Do not use the flash nearby eyes (especially of infants), nor at people who are driving, etc.

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