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GR DIGITAL IV : What is a dynamic range expansion effect?

When you are shooting in Dynamic Range Double shot mode, the camera shoots 2 consecutive still images with different exposures, and combines the areas with the appropriate exposure into one picture.

With the GR DIGITAL IV, you can select 3 expansion effects for the dynamic range (the range of brightness than can be processed by the camera) from [Weak] to [Strong]. The stronger the expansion effect is, the wider brightness range the camera can process.

Operating procedure

  • 1 Turn the mode dial to the [SCENE].

    Mode dial : SCENE

  • 2 In the SCENE mode, press the [MENU/OK] button to show the scene mode selection screen. And set the Dynamic Range scene mode.
  • See below for details on the Dynamic Range scene mode.
    About the Dynamic Range mode (SCENE mode).
  • 3 Press the [MENU/OK] button to check that the [DR] is selected. Press Left to select the mode tab, and then press Down to display the shooting menu.
  • 4. When the shooting menu appears, press Right, select [Dynamic Range Expansion] and then press Right to show the options.
  • 5. Press Up Down to select [Weak], [Medium] or [Strong], and press the [MENU/OK] button. Or, press Left and then press the [MENU/OK] button.

    Dynamic Range scene mode > Dynamic Range Expansion > Weak, Medium, or Strong

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